Guest Artists

Waverly Street Gallery features shows by guest artists 4 times a year. Their work is exhibited in the front quadrant of the gallery for approximately four weeks.

Applicants for these shows should live in the greater Washington DC area and have a body of work that demonstrates an established style and level of quality.

Interested applicants should fill out the adjacent form. This information will be reviewed by all members of the gallery. Applicants will then be informed when to bring in representative pieces to be juried by all members of the gallery, generally on one of 2 dates a year. If accepted, the guest artist is placed on the gallery schedule of exhibitions and notified of the date.

Accepted guest artist fees are $350 plus 35% commission on work sold.

The accepted artist must display the work to gallery standards in terms of finish and presentation and must provide the gallery with five high quality digital images for publicity. The artist must show work in the same medium and style as the pieces that were juried. The guest artist will be assisted in preparing for and setting up the show by a designated member of the gallery.

For the next round of jurying, applications must be received by May 29th. Details of when to bring in work will be supplied. Jurying by the full membership will take place on June 5th.

Guest Artist Inquiry Form

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