Archetypes of Femininity - Waverly Street Gallery

Archetypes of Femininity

Sculpture by Cris Ianculescu

April 11, 2017 – May 6, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, April 14th 6-9PM
Meet The Artist: Saturdays during the show from 1-3PM

In this exhibition, Cris Ianculescu responds to the idea of primordial mother, the universal source and creator of life. Like white light through a prism, the idea of the primordial mother fans out into a spectrum of archetypes, discrete images that have filled our collective unconscious since prehistory.

Cris Ianculescu explores some of these archetypes in his latest show. Through stone carving, he brings forth images of women as dreams and objects of romantic yearning, women as mothers and sources of life and nurture, women as seductresses triumphant in their power, and women as mirages, or portals into unknowable worlds.

Stone is a medium well suited to this task. It connects us to archaic times when goddesses were made in the image of women. Sometimes, the color and geological detail of the stone underscores the complexity and contradictory nature of the subject; at other times it complements the fluidity of features. The honed surface of the sculptures provides a tactile bridge, a connection to the archaic feminine patterns woven into the fabric of our humanity. Through Ianculescu’s subtle choices, his sculptures exult power, love, courage, acceptance, compassion, and inspire the observer to connect to prehistory and the present.


Miraculous Creation
Cris Ianculescu

Perfect Naiad
Cris Ianculescu

Making Music
Cris Ianculescu

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