An Impending Silence: Vanishing African Wildlife

A pictorial tribute to those struggling to survive
Photography by Carol L Leadbetter

September 5, 2017 – October 7, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8th 6-9 PM
Meet the Artist: Saturdays from 2-4 PM
Artful Sundays at Waverly September 24, 2017 2-4 PM

One cannot return from an African safari unaffected. Lions, proud and free, prowl your memory. Great herds of grazing zebra and wildebeest wander across the horizon of your mind’s eye. Parades of elephants leave imprints of awesome power and size while stirring your heart with gentle nurturing behaviors.

Carol Leadbetter’s photographs are a testament to what we may lose. Some images convey a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the subject. In others, a single animal is isolated against the great skies and plains, its weight challenging the grandeur of the land.

Images in this exhibit are printed by the artist employing a variety of surfaces and alternative photographic processes. Handmade papers are used to reflect the divergent textures and colors of the land. In addition, some images are printed on Mapepa elephant dung paper believed to incorporate the spirit of the animal. Through her vision and creativity, Carol Leadbetter presents her photography in an innovative artistic manner.

Curator: Carol Leadbetter
Phone: 301-980-6513

Don’t Let Us Fade Away
Carol L Leadbetter

Water Play
Carol L Leadbetter

On the Prowl
Carol L Leadbetter


Colorful Zebra
Carol L Leadbetter

Elephant Family
Carol L Leadbetter

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