Off the Wall - Waverly Street Gallery

Off the Wall

A 3-D sculpture show presented by the Maryland Federation of Art

July 11, 2017 – August 5, 2017

Reception: Friday, July 14 6-9PM
Awards presented at 7pm.

The Maryland Federation of Art is pleased to present “Off the Wall,” an annual 3-D show featuring sculpture by artists from the US, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. This year’s exhibit, hosted at Waverly Gallery in Bethesda, will highlight a wide range of work, featuring diverse mediums from the traditional to the abstract, including turned wood, fibers, clay, mixed media and more. Dr. Oliver Shell of the Baltimore Museum of Art is the juror who selected the final pieces for the show.

“Off the Wall” Juror’s Statement:
I think that everyone recognizes that this exhibition navigates a territory between craft and craftsmanship and craftswomanship and materials and fine arts. Some works bring in a sense of comedy—the whimsical Pufferfish, or a helmet constructed with kitchen whisks. Others are mysterious and creepy like the dismembered arm of a toy clown or the wonderful earthenware eyeball creature High Anxiety! Still others strive for sheer beauty of form such as the outstanding small porcelain creations All Together and Replete, or beauty of finely worked materials as in Black Cherry Vessel and the glass piece Political Flow. I was generally impressed by the high quality of the glass artists and ceramicists—Stream Bed and Dolly Girl come to mind—as well as the welders and weavers and wood carvers. Originality is still important, so in a few cases I excluded works that closely resembled those of known artists. Of course someone’s sincere homage to say Joseph Cornell or Joel Schapiro may be legitimate but I had to establish some criteria. That said, a juror has to compare apples to oranges, which is a purely subjective enterprise. There were many fine artworks that I would have liked to include but couldn’t because of limits of space.

Elizabeth Anne Kendall

Lunar Butterfly
Gil Uglansky

Lars Westby


Lesa Cook

The Odd Courtship
Ruth Lozner

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