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ARTFUL Afternoons at Waverly

The Evolution of an Architect and Urban Design Specialist to an Illustrator of Futuristic Cities and Off-world Places and How We May Travel in the Future

Sunday, May 21, 2-4 PM

Jim Russell

As an architect and urban designer, Jim Russell merges structure, urban design and futuristic transportation systems into a futuristic genre to come up with fun structures and cityscapes of tomorrow. At E-scape Illustrations, the mission is simple; to close his eyes and have fun imagining, sketching, designing, illustrating and even writing about futuristic cities, off-world places, and how we may travel here on earth and beyond in the future.

Jim will be delighted to share his background and continuing evolution as an architect, in-office illustrator of fine hand renderings and detailed drawings, towards the fantastic world of illustrating futuristic places, urban spaces and concepts for tomorrow’s transport vehicles. Second, Jim will share his thought process for conceptualizing potential new futuristic work, developing concept sketches, refining and “tightening-up” concepts into detailed hand drawings and finally color rendering the final piece. Third, Jim will share his thoughts and reasoning behind his choice to celebrate the “traditional art form.” In other words, Jim does not use computers to borrow from existing photographs or other futuristic art to generate new ideas. “I imagine the worlds I want to visit and I go there! It’s as simple as that. I capture my thoughts the old-fashioned way. It starts with a pencil, pen and a small sketchbook I always carry with me.” All his major illustrations began in one of a number of sketchbooks lying around the house. “Once I decide which one grabs me the most, I start re-handcrafting each detail until I arrive at that final stage where it’s ready for color. Then the hard part begins, because as a traditional “hand” illustrator, you only get one shot to get it right.”

Jim will gladly answer any questions at the end of the talk.

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